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Jim Lette

(with Fleur Bleue)

Author: François Bérubé


• 2 oz gin Panoramix

• 1 oz Lime Cordial

• 5 drops Bittercube Jamaican #1

• 2 sprays of absinthe Fleur Bleue

• 1 star anise



1. Fill a cocktail coupe glass with ice.

2. In a shaker, add the gin, the lime cordial and the bitter.

3. Transfer the ice from the glass to the shaker. 

4. Shake vigorously until the shaker is cold. 

5. Spray one shot of absinthe in the empty glass.

6. Filter the content of the shaker through a sieve into the glass. 

7. Spray a second shot of absinthe over the cocktail. 

8. Decorate with one star anise and serve.


Do not prevent yourself from realizing the cocktail if you don't have absinthe or bitter Jamaican #1. You will prepare an original Gimlet and although the cocktail will be different, it will be just as succulent. If you don't want to make your own lime cordial at home, choose one sold in stores that optimizes the lime taste rather than the sweet taste. For example, the famouse Rose's Lime Cordial represents the desired taste for the Jim Lette. 

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